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iQ Brew: 5 Pack

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A work week's worth (5 sachets) of iQ Brew: Cognitive Coffee, or, subscribe for $20 and receive the sample pack now, then a full box will automatically be sent to you at an interval of your choice to keep you topped up at a discounted rate. Cancel any time.

iQ Brew makes increasing cognitive and physical performance a delicious, quick and enjoyable experience. Until now, nootropics had to be bought separately to mix into your coffee, or in a boring pill form, creating a mess in your cupboard and a pill collection to rival a nursing home.
We've done the research to find the best brain-boosting, immunity fortifying and general ass-kicking ingredients and mixed them in perfect synergy with single-origin coffee to create this truly Cognitive Coffee
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract
  • Cognitive performance
  • Jitter free energy 
  • Perfectly blended dosages for an enhanced synergistic effect
  • Brazilian single origin coffee for maximum taste 
Click here to see the studies backing our blend of ingredients.

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